Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toes in the pool

It has been a long, long time.

As much as I stand my by decision to delete my old posts, right now i wish that i had just hidden them somewhere and I could get my hands on them.

I have got my toes back in the pool and the water is temping me. It looks very, very inviting.

I have been asked "to do a little Journaling" on an "experience" I had. Where I "was" when the top "called enough and what the 'oblivion' was like" or "what it meant" for me.

I am trying to remember.
I remember that I was alone, Hubby was not with me that night.
I had already scened with another top, and this was an unplanned surprise.
I was juiced from the first scene and had come down a bit, but was more than ready to go again.
I didn't have any toys of my own, so the whips that were used, as i recall were borrowed, even by the top.
He didn't have that kind of whip yet, and wanted to try it out. I was game to be the test subject. The energy was amazing.
It didn't take me long to warm back up and each time the whip cracked against my skin, along with the pain, there was an electric charge of energy that went through my body.
The music was loud and all i could hear was the rythm and the smack of the whip on my skin.
He and I had talked online a lot the week before and there was an unmistakable sexual energy between us now that we had come together.
I didn't want to stop. I wanted to stay there and be his focus for hours. Days. weeks.
It felt so good to not be me, but to be Holly. To escape the me-ness of it all and just let Holy out to play.