Thursday, September 11, 2008


I was only a week from delivering my first child. My best friend had 3 month old twin boys. Her parents had just left to return home 5 hours away. I was going over that morning to hang out and to help her with the boys. I heard something going on as i was listening to a radio show that morning, but i couldn't really tell what it was. I am not a person to watch the news or morning shows. I basically live under a rock in my safe little corner of the world. I pulled up in her drive and went inside. I think Sesame Street was on "for the boys". "Turn on the news" i said to her, "something is going on. I think a plane just flew into a building in NY."

I sat and stared at the t.v. all morning. It was almost like it was unreal. Living in the deep south, i was hundreds of miles away from NY or DC. It seemed almost like a foreign land this was happening in to me. Yet rationally i knew, this was here, my country. WOW. I knew i would know people who knew people who were in the midst of this. What if they hit Atlanta? That's not so far. I thought to myself, i will never ever forget this day.
Where were you? What were you doing? did you loose someone that day or in the days that followed? What's your story? Tell it. Tell your kids. don't ever forget what happened on September 11, 2001. I wonder if more people died that day or if more babies were born. i wonder how many people were late to work so they weren't there. How happy their families were to know they weren't in the buildings.
Take a moment. Remember. Pray that this never happens again. Pray for our President and for the upcoming election. Pray for our Military and our first responders. Pray for us all.


Anonymous said...

perfectly put.

alexam174 said...

Well said! I always remember when I'm stuck in traffic or doing something that's preventing me from being, doing or going and remember that God does everything for a reason. A friend of a friend thought her life was over on 9/11. The biggest day of her life...ruined, so she thought, on 9/10 by everything that go wrong going wrong. The biggest, worst day of her life was 9/11, for reasons good & bad. It's important to never forget the things that inhibit you may well save your life.

Shad said...

That is interestly cool. My son was born exactly 7 days before Sept 11 and I had been asleep when it happened cause I had been up most of the night taking care of my son so my wife could sleep. It was very surreal for me because I had a new born at home.