Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Which Christmas Character Are You?

Which Christmas Character Are You?


Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Like Father Christmas, you're a jovial, easygoing people-person which puts you first in line, should the man in the red suit ever retire. You're probably known for your generosity and good heart and even if you don't have your own magic workshop, we'd guess there's plenty you do to put smiles on people's faces — every day.

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Mike said...

ha ha ha, just took the test and..........


Bah humbug? Oh please, you can't fool us. Scrooge might have seemed, well, a little scroogey in the beginning, but this sensible fellow quickly realized the error of his ways and shared the wealth of his wisdom with everyone. Okay, so your life may not read like A Christmas Carol, but we'd guess that there might be a few things you have in common with ol' Ebenezer.
Going to sit in the corner now a cry lol

Holly Golightly said...

i want to cry now too! i can't believe that was what you got!


and get some dang holiday cheer already will ya?

Mike said...

lets cry together then and while we are at it, lets cuddle too ;)

And yes Ms Holly, i`m already full of hoilday cheer lol