Thursday, April 16, 2009

When anon isn't really anon...anymore

I have a couple of blogs rolling around in my head.

Things that could be really good discussion starters.

Only if i blog them, "they" will know. And be upset.

When people who read your blog are involved in your life, it sort of limits you. It doesn't matter if they started out here, and moved into your life, or moved from your life into your blog, i've got it both ways, its a mess.

You have to watch what you say. you can't vent. Well, you can, but not about them or they will get offended. I'd imagine if Hubman and Veronica had a really bad date with fellow bloggers, we'd never hear about it. It just wouldn't be right somehow.

It's not even that i have anything "bad" to say...its just that now my venting spot has become contaminated. I don't want to hurt feelings or ruin relationships by blogging the wrong thing. Back in the day of M i use to get in all sorts of trouble with him for making him look like an ass in my blog...well, if the shoe fits...

but seriously, he wasn't a blogger. There was no danger of anyone finding out who he was. You just can't safely blog about bloggers....or blog about people who read your blog in general. Someone will get hurt or take it wrong or something.

So in lieu of the blogs i'd like to's a blog about the bizarre-ness of not being able to blog due to your audience. Anyone else ever experienced this?

happy Thursday.




Southern Sage said...

not me caause nobody "knows" me.

but I see your point!

Hubman said...

You're right, you wouldn't hear about it. But then again, Veronica and I generally don't rant or bitch about friends, blogger or not, on our blogs. If we have an issue with a friend, we deal with it. I'm just not one for using my blog to air my issues.

But that's just me.

Riff Dog said...

That is a very interesting predicament.

I've thought the same thing about if Hubman and Veronica had a bad date.

Clarity said...

Dear Holly,

I haven't, which is why my first post ever stated the intention to keep my blog anonymous. More so for seeing the world as an observer than wanting to share "the inner". It's up to you to weigh up the intention and consequences of what you post.

In any case I posted about Holly Golightly yesterday, perhaps I should have sent you the gift ;)

MissBonnie said...

Its funny and kinda weird, we turn to the online community for the feeling of belonging and we can be our true self. But the reality is after awhile we can't be our self.

I can understand how your feeling. I've been there a million times. It makes you wonder why bother...the outcome was same before LOL

Hope all is well holly
love to you and yours