Monday, April 13, 2009

can't leave well enough alone.

ok, first day back and this is my second post. shrug. i have to vent and have no one to vent to.

first i'd like to say that i hate it when i think i am doing the right thing...and pushing and pushing and groping and trying my best to resolve an issue....and end up only making it worse because i should have just said what i had to say and left it alone.

you know who you are. If you read this, i am sorry. i am honestly not a stalker and i hope i haven't come on so strong that you decide you don't want me around.

i can't stand the anxiety that i have in the pit of my stomach and the lump in my throat. Why do things affect me this way? What's up with that? this should NOT be such an issue for me...but they are my feelings and i have to own them, feel them, hear what they are trying to tell me and then let them go.



Anonymous said...


Surely they don't want u to leave em alone.

It'll be alright!

Mike said...

Dito what S Sage said!

Holly Golightly said...

you boys are sweet! *wink*


My expressions LIVE said...

I love when your around....:)

~c said...

Missed ya girl!... Don't worry all will work itself out!