Friday, February 20, 2009

you people! you understand "maybe"???? its a hiatus...for a bit. don't give up ..i'll be back in some form...Keep a weather eye out!

and Becca had a good point..i hate unfinished business, hmpf! so here you go:
Day 20...i love Rob him if you need to..he rocks!
Day 21...I love Sage and all his straight talkin'...especially the politics
Day 22...I love those of you who have become friends to me and not mere comments.
Day 23...I love pizza.
Day 24...I love my house. It is all but perfect and I am so happy and lucky to have it.
Day 25...I love SM and the marks it leaves *grin*
Day 26...i love my BFF who i could NOT make it though life without. She knows everything about me, maybe even more than i have figured out about myself yet.
Day 27...I love that my kids are at their grandparents almost every Friday night!
Day 28...In the words of Toby Keith "i love this bar...its my kinda place." only instead of bar, it's this blogsphere and the people i've been touched by.
that's the end of the DOL.


Anonymous said...

Ur silly!
hurry back!

My expressions LIVE said...

Ok you have 24hrs and come back! ;)