Friday, February 6, 2009

therapy stuff

ok so if you do more than look at the photos here you know i am in therapy. Tons of it. I really should be scary and damaged, but i really am not, i just got sick of my life being how it was and decided i needed to get off my ass and do something about it.
(yay go me!)
ok so my most recent "class" is about eating and food disorders. I was reading today and came across this. I thought it was very powerful so i wanted to share it and maybe someone out there will read it and it will help them out. Oddly this is from first published may 2008. Here goes:
At the heart of Cameron's classes is a technique called "morning pages," in which you rise early and write three longhand pages of absolutely anything -no thinking, no worrying, no dieting. Although Cameron instructs her students to write freely, she says people often use morning pages as an emotional outlet, one they were accustomed to finding in food. "you take a look at your fear, anxiety, and nervousness directly instead of eating something to squelch it, " she says. "you don't need to focus on it; it will just come up. Morning pages are remarkable in how they get to the underside of what's bothering you. "
And the more you give voice to your emotions, the less you'll need food to keep your real feelings quiet. "When you do morning pages, " says Cameron, "you start to take your likes and dislikes a little more seriously. It helps with speaking your mind."


Southern Sage said...

sounds like blogging to me!!!

Is it an eating disorder when at lunch you ask hat is for supper?
I think about whats next all the damn time!

have an excellent weekend!

Mike said...

" if you do more than look at the photos here..." You mean there are photos here?? ;)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend

Nolens Volens said...

I love the picture. Excellent amount of sass for the guys who only want skinny ladies.

autumn said...

see? writing helps people too! that's a cool class. interesting picture as well. a facebook friend of mine uses one quite similar as her profile. love it!

alexam174 said...

I'm proud of you and I like this technique but I worry that you might back away from it. But I do love the idea behind it. Whatever gets the emotions out of storage and into the light to be resolved/healed/whatever is cool by me.